Dayton's proposal would boost LGA for Crookston at first, then it would drop.

    Crookston City Council member Keith Mykleseth is in St. Paul this week, at the Coalition of Greater Minnesota Cities “Action Day.”

    A hot topic in his meetings  with CGMC members and Minnesota legislators continues to be Local Government Aid. LGA is a huge component of Crookston’s general fund budget because the city generates limited property tax revenue used to fund services like police and fire. In its latest allotment, Crookston is in line to receive just over $3 million, more than any other similarly sized city in the region.

    DFL Gov. Mark Dayton, as part of his overall budget proposal, is pitching some changes to the LGA funding formula. If the changes become reality, in the first year they take effect, Crookston would receive a tidy little boost in its LGA allotment, Mykleseth said via email and phone, but in the year after Crookston is projected to receive less LGA than it is currently.

    “It’s a big deal,” he said. “I think everyone has come to realize how important LGA is to a community like Crookston.”

    Mykleseth met with District 1 State Sen. LeRoy Stumpf (DFL-Plummer) and District 1B State Rep. Deb Kiel (R-Crookston) on Tuesday, and said he did his best to stress the importance of LGA to both legislators.

    Mykleseth also attended Dayton’s State of the State address at the Minnesota Capitol on Wednesday, along with East Grand Forks Mayor Lynn Stauss.

    “This was my first State of the State address, and it was quite impressive!” Mykleseth said in an email to the Times.