They write essays as part of Catholic Schools Week.

    Last week was National Catholic Schools Week, and students at Cathedral School in Crookston have come up with reasons why they like their school. Their teachers sent some of their thoughts to the Times, and they appear below verbatim:

    Michael Miller: "I like Cathedral School because I have lots and lots of friends that help me and play with me!"

    Perla Mello: "I love Cathedral School because I get to learn about Jesus!"

    Bradyn Peterson: "I love Cathedral School because we can sing about Jesus!"

    Goldie Killough: "I like to go to church!"

    Connor Hanson: "I love Cathedral School because we can pray in our school!"

    Chase Cormican: "I love Cathedral School because I get to go to church, pray and sing songs and read stories from the Bible."

    Kolton Goehring: "I like all my friends and teachers at school."

First Grade
    Isabelle Smith: "I like Cathedral School. I like praying in church. I like reading. I like playing, I like my teacher, Mrs. Erickson. I like my classroom. I like going to computer class. I like going to gym. I like going to gym for recess. I like going outside for recess. I help everyone. I like to watch 'Arthur'. I like playing on the iPad. I love my school!"

    Vinny Herberg: "I like Cathedral School. I like Computer. It is fun. I like Library. It is fun. I like to play. I like Gym. It is fun. I like Math. It is fun."

    Caden Boike: "School is fun when we play games. I love God. He is awesome! I love Cathedral Church. I love going to church!"

Second Grade
    Charlotte Whiting: "I love Cathedral's lunch. It is yummy because it is all my favorite foods. I love Cathedral Schools Week. You get to do lots of fun stuff! I like our Principal. He is very nice. I like him because he likes us!"
    Kelly Baatz: "I like recess because you get to play. I like recess because you get to play, jump and you can play games. You can jump rope. It is fun jumping rope! School is fun. I love recess!"

    Emma Bachmeier: "I like phy. ed because I get exercise. I like music because I like to sing. I like computer because I like to type. I like recess because I like to play with my friends. I like morning prayer because it is fun to pray with my friends. I like the teachers because they teach really well."

Third Grade
    Gianna Hollcraft: "I love Cathedral School partly because of Catholic Schools Week. I think it is very fun. You get to go skating with the whole school and there's a big mass on Sunday. It's the biggest mass for Cathedral School. After Mass there's a pancake breakfast sometime after. During that is Mardi Gras: Kids Edition, which I can't wait for! I hope there is going to be a cakewalk! On Monday we have Western Day and bingo. I hope we get prizes if we win a bingo card! On Tuesday we have wacky hair day and volleyball, teachers vs. seniors. I'm probably going to vote for the seniors! On Tuesday there is also skating and after that we get hot chocolate and cookies! On Wednesday we have Dress your Sunday best, a Catholic Schools Week Mass, a military activity and a prayer around the flagpole. On Thursday we have Sweats and Slippers Day and volleyball, teachers vs. 6th graders. I have no idea who to vote for. On Friday it's Cap and Spirit Day, then Morning Prayer and then Bishop Hoeppner will visit our classrooms. We have Read the Morning Away and then we have Movie Day. On Saturday there is Mardi Gras but it is for parents. First there is a Mass, then there is dinner, then there is a dance that starts at 9:30 p.m."

    Grace Miller: "I love to learn about God, and how to make my faith much stronger. We learn a lot about the Vikings in third grade. When the Vikings win, we get treats. Ms. Thompson loves the Vikings. When they lose she can get very cranky. Mass is on Wednesday. Fr. Vincent is our priest. Deacon Dan is our Deacon. Catholic Schools Week is very fun. We do all kinds of things like Hat and Spirit Day, skating and so much more! Later in the spring, we go to the track field and have a school track meet. I love Cathedral School!"

    Blaire: "Why I love Cathedral School is because it has awesome teachers!! The teachers are very nice and the principal is very nice, too! Our teacher even lets us play tennis ball and more. Some of the other things we do are spelling, reading, english, math, social studies, cursive, religion and science."

Fourth Grade    
    Andrew MacGregor: "Cathedral school is special. It is a one of a kind, and has many special activities. I like the teachers, because they're very, very nice. They put me first by keeping me safe. I like PE, because they have great exercises. A great exercise is running. I like the fact that we get to choose which milk we get: low fat, 2 percent, skim or even chocolate. I think we should have more people in this awesome school because they're missing all the fun learning about God, writing cursive and religion class. It is super fun. We also get to do science, math, social, and even writing in your journals. We even get to go to church every Wednesday morning. We have morning prayer on Monday and Friday, and we even say the Rosary. I think it's special because it has its own unique way. It feels like it's a part of me."

    Victoria Proulx: "I like Cathedral School. It is a one kind of a kind school. I like how you can trust everyone. When I need help, I can go to anyone. I like how our school has kind and loving teachers as well as students. When we have someone new to our school, we are nice and helpful in all ways so that person feels welcome in all ways. I like how we get to pray. You get to learn about God, Jesus and the Church. You get to go to Mass and get Holy Eucharist. I like our school because we get new families every year. We got 14 new families this past year. We hope to get more every year. I like how we get lots of new kids, good work and great friends. And that is why I like my school, Cathedral School!"

    Shelby Aamot: "Cathedral School is a very nice school because there are very nice kids and teachers. I really love how on Catholic Schools Week there is a Mardi Gras for both kids and adults. I think that is very nice for the kids. At the Cathedral School we get to go to Mass every Wednesday. We get to go to Reconciliation and we get to say the Rosary almost every week. We get field trips for choir and for fun. In second and third grade we get to go to Fertile Sandhills. The Cathedral School offers very good lunches like chicken rice hotdish and corn dogs. We get our lunches from the Villa, so if you like the Villa's food you should go to Cathedral School. Cathedral School is very awesome because you get to learn about God and Jesus and you can't at Highland School."

Fifth Grade
    Petrina; "It is so much fun, and we get to learn about God. The classes are so much smaller and the teachers are so nice. We get to learn about everything. There are so many fun kids, se we have lots of fun. I think it is the best school in town. We do fun things for the town. We also have Catholic Schools Week."

    Gavin Salem: "Cathedral School is the best, because everyone is friends with each other. Everyone knows everyone, everyone is friendly. The teachers are helpful. They make sure you know their assignments. No one is left behind. Our school is artsy. We display our art projects. Cathedral School is sporty. The teachers face the sixth grade in volleyball during Catholic Schools Week and they ask the seniors to come back and play volleyball, too. It is cool! We get to do a lot of activities, like go swimming, go skating and go on field trips. That is why I like Cathedral School!"

    Cassidy: "I like Cathedral School, because we are all like one big family! We pretty much know everybody, and I think that's cool! We also do lots of fun activities and help out others a lot. Plus, we have Catholic Schools Week. That is when we get to do a bunch of fun things, like ice skating and we get to have a bunch of fun school activities like dress up like cowboys for a day! Cathedral School is awesome! I love it! All of our classes are really fun and we learn so much that one day I'll be president! There is never a bad day at Cathedral. Even though we are a small school, we are awesome! Our teachers here are amazing! They teach us so much! They are always nice. I think they are the best teachers ever! I love Cathedral School!"

Sixth Grade
    Madi Ellis: "I love Cathedral because people accept you for you. And I like the subjects they teach, because they will always end up being used in life. Plus the teachers always find a way to make the assignments fun. I also like Cathedral because you are taught to be your own person. They teach you how to make decisions. Not just that, but they teach you how to make good decisions! Everyone at Cathedral is included and accepted and that is only some of the reasons why I love Cathedral School!"

    Sydney Anderson: "I love Cathedral School because we all know each other and we are all friends. Cathedral is great because we learn to be good Christians. At Cathedral we get very close to all of our friends and have fun. At Cathedral I think more kids should come because we are all friends, and we look out for each other. What I love is we are like a team, we look out for each other and care for each other."

    Meleah LaJesse: I like Cathedral because the teachers and kids are nice. The best thing of all is that we get to learn about God and Jesus and Mary and how God created the earth and how Jesus was born in a stable. I have been at Cathedral school since Kindergarten and it's been a great seven years and it's going to be very sad to leave. I like doing the Christmas programs. They are very fun to do and be in. And that's why I like Cathedral School."