On eight periods at CHS, Pirate girls' basketball, giving a little love, Super Bowl week, and the Wild...

A good discussion on CHS eighth period proposal
You can usually tell how important something is to someone or how interested someone is in something by whether or not the person cares enough to inconvenience his or her life in order to do something about the something. Get it? The “something” in this case is the proposed addition of an eighth period to the Crookston High School academic schedule next fall that Principal Lon Jorgenson says would be comprised of a combined study hall and PrimeTime homeroom period. If it’s kind of a ghost town at the 6 p.m. parent meeting at CHS Monday evening, maybe that’s a signal that no one’s real worked up about it. But if a nice crowd shows up, then maybe that means there are many questions yet to be answered about the proposal, specifically, how it specifically benefits kids.

Pirates meet the challenge
Don't get us wrong, we'd love it if the Pirate Girls' Basketball team continued to destroy opponents by 20 or more points like they have during their current eight-game win streak. However, while the winning streak may continue (and we hope it does) that dominant streak will probably come to an end this week with some tougher competition coming to town. On Friday the Pirates host Bagley, who is 8-7 on the season. Saturday is the big test, though, as Hawley, the top team in Section 8AA South, visits. In the current QRF Rankings, which determines the section seeds, the Pirates are No. 5 in Class AA, while Hawley is No. 15. The Pirates have had their tests this season but none from within in the section, so Saturday's contest will be a measuring stick going forward. But if the Pirates continue to shoot the lights out and hit 12 threes in a game like they did Saturday against Central Cass they could beat any team by 20 points.

Give a little bit of your love
In a world that often seems filled with tragedy and negativity, it is easy to forget the impact a simple act of kindness can have on someone's day. Offering forth an unexpected compliment or a few words of encouragement to a family member, friend, co-worker or even a stranger only takes a moment out of your time. Not only do you feel good for doing it, but you have given another person a positive boost. They may even take the opportunity to pay it forward, passing on kindness to someone else. You have no way of knowing where your influence will end. Make the choice to add some joy to the world today and every day.

A Super Bowl week that lives up to the hype
Here we go, it's Super Bowl week! Let the speculation begin on who will be winning "Battle of the Brothers" this coming Sunday. People will be watching the game for different reasons. Some will watch it for the commercials, and some will watch it just to get together with friends. Then there are those who actually watch it for the football. With that said, can this game please be a tight knit, hard-fought one? Like, a game that has to be won on a last-second field goal or touchdown.  The last 3-point difference in a Bowl game was in 2009. 2008 was also a thriller, with New York winning in surprising fashion. Those are the kinds of games that football fans and Super Bowl lovers thrive on. Hopefully, Sunday's game can be added to that list. Amanda Wagner, Times intern

It’s early, yes, but enough with the excuses
It’s been mentioned every game by those announcing the Minnesota Wild’s NHL games, and Sunday night in a road game against the St. Louis Blues, it was said once again about 10 minutes into the first period: The Wild have all these exciting new players, like Zach Parise, Ryan Suter, etc., and with barely a training camp and no exhibition games because of the lockout, they have to learn how to play with one another on the fly, so there is going to be an adjustment period. In other words, the 2-2-1 Wild aren’t playing very well so far in this shortened 48-game schedule, so it’s time to roll out the tried and true excuse that they’re still learning how to play together. Listen, it’s a safe bet that every player on the Wild has been a standout hockey player since he was five years old. It’s hockey; it’s all basically the same. Go to practice, figure out how each other plays, and play better during the games, especially on defense and when you’re trying to break out of your defensive zone. Or maybe it’s just their suspect goaltending…