Review revealed emissions that exceeded permitted limits.

    American Crystal Sugar Company has taken corrective actions to reduce air pollution from emissions at its facility in East Grand Forks, Minn.

    The American Crystal sugar beet processing facility in East Grand Forks includes dryers, kilns and coal- and natural-gas-fired boilers.

    A review of company reports from 2009-2011 by Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) staff revealed that fine particle emissions from the kilns had exceeded permitted limits, equipment used to monitor emissions was out of service for extended periods, and the facility failed to record a number of daily inspections required for equipment used to monitor the air pressure on either side of filters that capture emissions.    

    In addition, some readings that were recorded showed pressure differentials across the filters that were outside the range allowed by the permit. These readings can indicate a problem that needs fixing to minimize emissions.

    In addition to completing several actions to comply with the permit and reduce air pollution, American Crystal Sugar has paid a $24,943 penalty to the MPCA.