When it comes to wildlife, there's rarely a dull moment at his place.

The following dispatch is from Dan Svedarsky, verbatim, from his home on the Pankratz Prairie in rural Crookston:

"Working from the prairie office this weekend and keeping pretty close to the stove on the below zero days. We've had 15-16 sharptails working the crabapple tree and they knock down more berries than they can eat, which suits the deer just fine. Had a interesting visitor near the feeder just a bit ago but the immature goshawk was apparently not interested in chickadees. They seem to know it as they keep on feeding. On the other hand, the sharptails were not around when the gos was here. Note the contrasting amount of white on the lores of the gos from R to L. The gos was a thrill as I've never photographed one before; especially out the kitchen window!!"