No offense to fast-food restaurants, but it beat flipping burgers.

After two summers and one semester of school of working at the Crookston Daily Times, my time here is shortly coming to an end. For the past two years, the Times has granted me an opportunity to expand my journalistic skills, and I am truly grateful for this experience I have been blessed with.

        Most summers, high school students spend their time working with fast food, babysitting or mowing lawns to make money while out of school. I was fortunate enough to spend my summer vacation working in the line of what I would eventually like to pursue a career in, journalism. Writing and snapping photos all over town and keeping up with what goes on around town would definitely be my first choice for how to spend my summer over serving food to hungry, ornery customers.

        The Times was in another way the best summer job for me because of its flexible hours. With my summer schedule being just about as busy as it is during the school year, being able to come in for about 4 hours a day then writing stories or taking photos at a local event later in the day was very convenient for me.

        Working at the Times not only helped me to get a better feel for journalism, it also helped me learn how to work with a shorter deadline. At the beginning of my internship, it would take me about twice the time that it takes me now to write a story or editorial. Having the expectation of stories being done the next day enhanced my ability to finish stories in a shorter amount of time, which will not only help me if I pursue a career in journalism, but also when I have multiple essays and exam papers due all at the same time in college next year.

    Coming into the internship I had little to no experience with taking candid photos that support the stories I write. Who knew there could be so many rules to taking a simple picture? It goes without saying that although my photography has improved over the last two years of working at the Times, it is still the main aspect of my journalistic abilities that seems to be lacking.

    Spending your summers at the same place for two years in a row can either be a good or bad thing, depending on who you are working with everyday. Luckily, in my case I couldn't have found better people to work with for 4 hours a day for 5 days a week. The staff at the Times welcomed me into their work space, with a few jokes along the way, and even let me come back for a second summer and semester.

    I have been so fortunate to be able to learn from all of them as they took me under their wings for the past two years.

    Before working at the Times, I knew I enjoyed writing and thought I might like to carry on my hobby after high school. Now I have no question that I will do whatever to be able to continue to write in college and eventually finding a career where I can keep doing what I love to do, write.