$216,000 total for 2013 campaign beats old record by $10,000.

    It's official: The United Way of Crookston announced Monday a new all time record for their fundraising campaigns, with the 2013 campaign setting a new mark of $216,000. That eclipses by $10,000 the previous record of $206,000 set a few years ago.

    Last March, the United Way Board of Directors set a goal of $185,000 to be allocated in 2013. As of January 21, 2013 the total pledges exceed $216,000, which is the largest campaign in the history of the United Way of Crookston.

    Once again, United Way Executive Director Shannon Stassen said, the Crookston community has shown itself to be extremely generous and caring. The business owners and employees have come together to make a positive impact in working to solve the community challenges we face in Health, Education and Income, Stassen continued, thanking everyone that has given to make the campaign a milestone-setting success.

    Also, he added, this effort would not be possible without the dozens of volunteers that work so hard during the campaign. "We thank them from the bottom of our heart," Stassen said. “The community has given us so much momentum. It was a phenomenal campaign.”

    With the trend in recent years being an annual fundraising goal of $185,000, is there any chance the goal for 2014 will be increased in the wake of the ultra-successful 2013 effort? While not ruling anything out, and while also stressing that such a decision would be up to the United Way of Crookston Board of Directors, Stassen said a significant increase is unlikely.

    “I would anticipate we would move up a little bit,” he said. “But, the thing is, you  have to be careful with goals. It’s much better to exceed a goal than to fall short, which always makes me pretty cautious.”

    The United Way of Crookston funds over 30 agencies and projects within a 25-mile radius of Crookston.