Cheers to the NHL's return, jeers to the Manti Te'o mess

Cheers to the NHL season getting underway
    Cheers for the National Hockey League starting up their season this weekend. Yeah, it's going to be half of what it usually is, but it's better than nothing, right? It'll be nice for sports fans in Minnesota to root for a pro team between the end of the Vikings' season and the start of spring training for the Twins.

    On Saturday, Wild fans who have been waiting since the Fourth of July for the season to start will finally get to exercise their enthusiasm. Why? Because of the signings of two highly-touted players, Ryan Suter and Zach Parise. The addition of Parise will most likely spur more regional hockey fans to tune into the Wild's season. Parise was adored while he was playing for the University of North Dakota, and everyone knows how much UND hockey is loved in these parts. With Parise on the Wild team, he gives these fans a "hometown hero" of sorts to cheer for.

    Actually, it will just be a fun time all around. Hooray for hockey!
– Amanda Wagner, Times’ intern

Jeers to whatever in the heck is going on with Manti Te’o
    It turns out that for some people you're never too old to have imaginary friends, or for that matter, made up girlfriends.

    With no surprise, "Te'o" quickly made it to the list of trending terms on Twitter Wednesday night, shortly after word got out about the hoax involving the death of Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te'o's "girlfriend." The allegations against "Te'o" first came out on the website Deadspin, accusing the Notre Dame star of carrying out a made up story of a long-distance relationship he was in with a student from Stanford University who Te'o claimed died of leukemia near the time the Fighting Irish took on Michigan State.

    Te'o, with the support of Notre Dame's Athletic Department, is claiming he was the victim of a sick joke that he is now being humiliated by. True, many people are tricked into fake relationships that start online everyday. But how naive do you have to be to start a relationship with someone who you've never seen in person or over a webcam? Either way, if Te'o made up his nonexistent girlfriend or not, this is a lose lose situation for him, and we can guarantee that he will soon be changing his Facebook relationship status to “It's Complicated.”
– Katie Davidson, student staff writer