We need to spend our dollars there to show our support.

I musn't let one more post-holiday day pass without giving my thanks to Lois and Jim Chandler at Four Seasons for providing the citizens of Crookston and the area with great quality, name-brand clothing and service.  I did much of my Christmas shopping at their store and was always able to find just the right gift with the help of the Chandlers and their great staff.

     It struck me during those holidays that what would we do without this store to fill our needs with good quality clothing and shoes.  With the darkening of many shops up and down the street, we should be thankful to the Chandlers for striving to meet our shopping needs.  If you haven't visited this store, I would ask that instead of heading west to the mall and adding to the North Dakota tax coffers on clothing and shoes and saving your mileage, you stop in to browse and visit with Lois and Jim.   We must patronize these fine people if we expect them to remain in business and provide a much-needed service to us.

     Kudos, Lois and Jim!  I appreciate your hard work in doing your part to keep downtown Crookston a shopping destination.  Ladies, gentlemen, teens and children, they can satisfy all your clothing needs!