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By Stephen W. Browne
Jan. 16, 2013 11:13 a.m.

Note: Cross-posted from my blog at The Marshall Independent.
Most of us try to get at least some physical exercise.
A great many studies have shown the health benefits of even moderate exercise. A 30 minute walk every day, or every other day, walking with a heel-to-toe roll strengthens the calf muscles enough to take a lot of wear and tear off your heart and flakes the rust out of your joints.
A little time spent at the Y during the winter months does a lot for quality of life, especially those of us who spend entirely too much time sitting down. Not trying to emulate the lifters, not going for weight, just moving.
But what about our brains?
Turns out there’s a whole science and a growing industry dedicated to brain exercise, and I’ve become an enthusiastic convert.
You buy a subscription and you get 5-10 minutes a day of games that help improve memory, speed, decision-making, calculations, pattern recognition, and helps get the brain started in the morning better than coffee.
For me personally it’s great for writer’s block, concentration, and articulation. If I’m stuck on a piece, a little break for training helps get the words flowing again. And it’s something productive to do in those frustrating times while waiting for someone to return a phone call!
The site lets you chart your progress in the areas you chose to work on, and compare your improvement to other users in your age group. There are said to be physical changes in the brain too. There’s neuron growth, just as physical exercise causes muscle growth.
It’s even supposed to make you a better driver!
There are several different companies, the one I use is called Lumosity.

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