Many are first-time donors.

    Family and friends of Cheryl Steinbrink sponsored a very good blood drive in December.  

    “We had a great turnout. Out of 62 people who volunteered to donate, 55 were able to give," said Katie Bartelson, donor recruitment representative at United Blood Services. "Seventeen people gave blood on the automated 2RBC machine, which collects two units of red blood cells during the donation, so a total of 71 products were collected.  There were 24 people who donated for their first time.”

    This was a blood drive in honor of Cheryl Steinbrink, who passed away unexpectedly from complications after back surgery in August of 2012. The drive was coordinated by her husband Robin, daughter Jenn, her family and friends.

    Space to hold the drive was provided at Trinity Lutheran Church.  Others who assisted with the drive were  Chris and Karen Bates, Brett Steinbrink, Barb Dunlap, Elliot Steinbrink and Karen Dittbrenner.