Banquet held in Bede Ballroom

Tri-County Community Corrections held an employee recognition event on January 8, to recognize employee accomplishments, contributions and years of service. Tri-County Community Corrections recognizes that employees play a critical role in determining not only the success of the organization, but the communities of Norman, Polk and Red Lake counties. The recognition event was held on the campus of the University of Minnesota, Crookston, to recognize and honor the achievements and contributions of loyal, committed employees who consistently demonstrate performance excellence and who go the extra mile to provide professional quality service on the job and to our communities.

Award certificates and recognition products for years of service were presented to:

Five Years: Raelene Aarhus, Amanda Bochow, Nicolee Irelan, Amber Kruta, Sharon Lewis, Craig Magsam, Abby Morris, Sandra Nielsen, Jessica Peterson, Joshua Plante, Jason Raupp, Jason Schraeder

Ten Years: Catherine Barstad, Andrew Larson, Phil Schroeder

Fifteen Years: Ryan Chisholm, LaVonne Dale, Dave Grubb, Joey Pederson

Twenty Years: LaRayne Arvidson, Paul Bissonette, Dan Dale, Kim Moronez

Thirty Years: Connie Anderson

Special recognition was given to staff who were nominated by their peers as having gone above and beyond job responsibilities; having continuously displayed outstanding work ethic and job performance. Seventeen nominations were submitted. To ensure an appropriate credibility to the selection process, the staff names were removed and the nominations were forwarded to local department heads and Minnesota Community Corrections Directors throughout the state to vote for their top three selections.

Nominees were: Raelene Aarhus, Connie Anderson, Dale Arnold, Kurt Ellefson, Annette Erickson, Chad Johnson, Andrew Larson, Amber Latozke, Craig Magsam, Oscar Meyer, Joey Pederson, Joshua Plante. Charity Reese, and MarDee Spurgeon.

Recognition of Excellence Award winners:

Andrew Larson, Jail Administrator, Northwest Regional Corrections Center

Raelene Aarhus, Work Release Coordinator, Northwest Regional Corrections Center

Daryl "Oscar" Meyer, Program Director, Red River Valley Juvenile Center

Other award winners:

Annette Erickson, Administrative Accountant, was awarded the Director's Service Award, for outstanding initiative and dedicated performance of duties.

RRVJC Youth Counselor Jason Raupp was awarded the Minnesota Juvenile Detention Association award for the 2012 Detention Worker of the Year.

Volunteer Milo Mathison received the Volunteer Service Award for his dedicated ministry and faith based service to the men, women and youth of the Northwest Regional Corrections Center and Red River Valley Juvenile Center.

Tri-County Community Corrections serves Polk, Norman and Red Lake counties. The Regional Corrections Board, which includes two commissioners from each of the member counties, governs the agency. Those board members are Steve Bommersbach and Steve Jacobson of Norman County, Ron Weiss and Dave Sorensen of Red Lake County, and Warren Affeldt and Warren Strandell of Polk County.