Cheers to Gopher men's basketball, jeers to Major League Baseball Hall of Fame voting...

Cheers to the rolling Gopher men’s basketball team
    It's very uncommon for a Minnesota team to have a winning record nowadays – although the prospects for the state’s athletic teams seem to be improving. But, still, a 15-1 record seems a bit unbelievable for a team to hold in the state we call home.

    That remarkable record belongs to none other than the Minnesota Men's Gopher basketball team, who have used their poise, strong defensive play and all-around talent to get to where they're at this season, ranked 8th in the nation. With numerous players who can step up and dominate offensively as well as be a force on defense, this team can compete with anyone.

    With their only loss to undefeated Duke, the top-ranked team in the nation, this Gophers team has proven their consistency, an unfamiliar attribute for most Minnesota teams.

    After a huge 84-67 win over 12th ranked Illinois on the road Wednesday night, the Gophers’ next big tests in their schedule are two top-10 ranked Big Ten teams, fifth-ranked Indiana on Saturday followed by second-ranked Michigan next week.

    Cheers to Coach Tubby Smith's victorious team, which has a tough schedule ahead of them, but if they continue their tough, relentless play, Minnesota fans can expect to be entertained by this talented team that knows how to play on both ends of the court and has a chance of going far.
– Katie Davidson, student staff writer

Jeers to the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame voting system
    On Wednesday, the Baseball Writers' Association of America failed to vote in a player for the Hall of Fame class of 2013 with the 75 percent needed for a player to get elected.   

    This system seems kind of strange when you think about it. Why have a certain percentage at all? They could convene in a room and discuss the players eligible and decide on, say, the top two players they feel are most deserving.

    Also, the rules for player eligibility state that besides having great statistics a Hall of Fame-caliber player must display sportsmanship and integrity. This year's ballot included several players accused of using steroids. How is using steroids a show of integrity?

    If any of them get elected one day, it would be unfair to those who've been on the ballot a lot longer and actually deserve to get into the Hall, such as Tigers and Twins great Jack Morris.

    What a contradiction.
– Amanda Wagner, Times intern