Two school fund-raisers bring in $900, which is sent to Newtown, Conn.

    To give back and show their support for the victims and families of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, the students of Crookston High School held two fundraisers during the week of Dec. 17 to raise money for the Connecticut community. The two fundraisers were coordinated by the CHS Leo Club, which is advised by Youth Services Coordinator Linda Morgan.

    For the first fundraiser, students and faculty were allowed to break the dress code for a day by wearing hats in school if they paid $1. Cookies were sold for $1 for the second fundraiser, which lasted two days.         

At the conclusion of the two school-wide fundraisers, the Leo Club had raised $900. On Friday, Jan. 4, Morgan said she sent a $900 check to Sandy Hook Elementary.