Times' Student Staff Writer Katie Davidson checks in with some students and staff, including the school's proud cheesehead principal.

Lon Jorgenson, CHS principal: "I'm still undecided on who will win Saturday's game, but I'm leaning one way."

Emma Dufault, CHS senior: "Obviously the Vikings will win because my husband, Jared Allen, is a stud and has it in for Aaron Rodgers."

Jacob Lutz, CHS senior: "I hope the Vikings win, but I think the Packers will because they will have home field advantage."

Joe Sobolik, CHS math teacher: "The Packers will win because the Vikings do not play well on the road, especially at Lambeau Field, and it's hard to beat a team two weeks in a row. I want the Vikings to win because if the Packers are eliminated the chances for the Redskins to make it to the Super Bowl will increase."