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Cheers for the United Way of Crookston campaign meeting their fundraising goal. It is nice to know that people are willing to give their hard-earned money for a good cause: helping to make their community a better place by improving the lives of those who live in it.

    It is really telling of how many thoughtful people live here that care about the quality of the town they live in. They want to make a difference.

    For a community the size of Crookston, it really is quite the feel-good deal. Actually, more communities should follow Crookston's example. Everyone benefits from this money.

    Congratulations to the Crookston community and hopefully next year’s local United Way campaign is just as fruitful. – Amanda Wagner, Times intern

    What’s even more outrageous than irresponsibly drinking alcoholic beverages is doing so before getting behind the wheel of a motorized vehicle. At least 300 people were arrested in Minnesota for drunken driving over the two-day period of New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.

    There are proper ways to have a good time with family and friends when celebrating the holidays, and endangering your own life and those around you by driving a vehicle while under the influence is not one of them.

    Close to 30,000 people are arrested each year in Minnesota for drunken driving, and in the past five years 657 people have been killed in drunken driving crashes.
    Sure, any social drinker can receive a DWI if the wrong choice is made to drive while intoxicated.

    But, still, jeers to this immense number of DWI arrests in just two days that thankfully only lead to the loss of driver’s licenses, paying a fine or possible jail time rather than something more permanent: death.
– Katie Davidson, student staff writer