The first ever Crookston Hockey Summit was held Wednesday evening at the Eagles Club to discuss how to improve Crookston hockey as a whole.

The first ever Crookston Hockey Summit was held Wednesday evening at  the Eagles Club to discuss how to improve Crookston hockey as a whole.

Approximately 38 people attended the meeting that was convened by Jeff Perreault, who noted he has been involved in Crookston hockey for nearly 40 years. He is currently the Pirate head girls' hockey coach.

A packet was distributed to everyone in attendance with an agenda and a detailed breakdown of each Crookston hockey organization and its responsibilities. Also in the packet were lists of specific questions, comments and concerns people have brought to Perreault for the summit.

Communication was the consensus way improve Crookston hockey.

Perreault started the summit by saying, "We have a lot of good things going on, a ton. We have a lot of good ideas that need man power, someone to back it. We need people to step up."

Three Parks and Recreation issues were brought up in the meeting and all three pertained to scheduling.

Almost everyone in attendance agreed that posting the Crookston Sports Center schedule a month in advance is a top priority. Currently, it is scheduled every two weeks.

"This is the number one thing people have said," explained Perreault. "We know it's a challenge, but we hope this group provides a push. There are a lot of teams and a lot of games. It is a monster."

A comment made by someone in attendance voiced support for Parks and Rec Supervisor Scott Butt and his scheduling of youth hockey games.

"Scott Butt has made a big difference. He is doing what he can and he's up against the wall."

It was also brought up that the Blue Line Club purchased a scheduling software program about three years ago but it hasn't been utilized. The program automatically sends out an alert after a change is made in the schedule.

Doing away with Sunday games as much as possible was also at hot topic and said to be a good way to draw new families to the sport. It was explained that two games could be played  on Saturday and more Tuesday and Thursday games would be played against teams in close proximity. The two or three tournaments each team plays in a season would always have games on Sundays, though.

Concerning the Blue Line Club, it was explained that a pamphlet with all the need-to-know information would be very useful and something that should be handed out to every family.

Other topics discussed included:

Improving the girls' hockey co-op with Red Lake Falls and Climax/FisherProviding an incentive program for players who practice on their ownMaking it easier to become a coachCreating a house leagueUSA Hockey and its strict requirements 

Minutes from the meeting will be posted on the Blue Line Club website. Perreault said he would like to convene another Crookston Hockey Summit in March.