Cheers to teachers, Jeers to inaction by America.

Cheers to teachers for doing more than just teaching their students
    Normally, the main job of a teacher is to educate their students and prepare them for the futures that lie ahead of them.  Physically saving lives is never in their job description.         

On Friday, Dec. 14, instead of worrying about spelling words or reading groups, teachers of Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut risked their lives to give their students a chance to see the futures they all deserved to see.

    None of these teachers had any idea this massacre would replace the lesson plans they had scheduled for Friday, but they were forced to act on the spot and rely on their instincts, doing whatever they could to save the lives of their students.

    No school shooting should ever be the topic for a cheer, but when it comes to the teachers and staff members who faced the gunman, taking bullets to protect their students, this act of heroism can not go unrecognized.
– Katie Davidson, student staff writer

Jeers to the United States sitting on its hands
    Jeers to the United States Government for not attempting to free U.S. citizens  quicker that are kept in captivity in foreign countries.         

For those of you who don't watch the news, there is a former Marine that has been jailed in Mexico for four months. He's not just jailed. He's been chained to a bed. The reason? He was in Mexico on leisure and brought his gun to the border and followed the proper steps to get permission to bring it over. He was able to cross, but he was still arrested.

    Here he is, four months later, sitting in a cell. It's been reported as a bogus charge, and everybody knows it, so why isn't the President or the appropriate authority not making this a more urgent matter when this man has been in captivity for so long, and doesn't belong there in the first place?

    Isn't it America's job to keep their citizens safe, no matter what?
– Amanda Wagner, Times intern