Was it taken in Crookston?

     If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a 128 page book with 200 B&W photos coming out about Crookston should be priceless.

    The importance of family collections cannot be overemphasized. Vintage photographs become increasingly fragile and by scanning and reproducing them in a book, they become available for all to see. With a little help from generous townspeople, the Crookston book surely will be treasured by many people.

    Indeed, I am also looking for old photographs that might be used in “CROOKSTON, Images of America” a pictorial history to be published by Arcadia Publishing based out of South Carolina.  Check out www.arcadiapublishing.com to see the 8,000 titles of towns throughout the U.S. they have already published. Crookston is next!

     So far, I’m thankful for the help of Jerry Amiot and Doris Muir at the Polk County Historical Society.  Also, I’m grateful for the assistance I’ve received from the Minnesota Historical Society in St. Paul and also UND’s Special Collections.  Other people's names will be added to the list, but that will have to wait until I write the final acknowledgements at the front of the book.  I hope to have this book about Crookston published and for sale by spring of 2013.  

    My final deadline looms for all photos and text to be submitted to my editor by Feb. 12, 2013.

     Below this article is a photo where I don’t have any information about its origin. Did this Carson's hat store exist in Crookston?  Maybe someone reading this article and looking closely at the picture knows the answer.  The only thing written on the back of the photo was the person’s name who donated it to the Polk County museum in the 1980s.  I contacted that person but I still can’t be certain that this was an actual business establishment in Crookston.

     However, one clue that it might be a photo from Crookston is the tile in the entrance to this Carson's millinery store matches closely with the inlaid tile of MORRIS next to the entrance of the Crookston Chamber of Commerce.  Who can give me more information about a hat shop named Carsons? If you, dear reader, can solve this mystery, there is a prize for you.

     Anyone having photographs to be considered for CROOKSTON may contact Kristina Gray at (218) 281-2663 or at krisinmn@rrv.net.  There will be a prize for any photos that make it into the book.  Certainly your name will be given credit next to the photo if that is not prize enough!!! I need these vintage photos for the Crookston book, if you can find them by January 4, 2013.