For too many, there's not a lot of joy this holiday season.

Christmas Season is upon us in the Red River Valley.  It looks and sounds like Christmas.  There are decorations everywhere, frost on the windows and people madly dashing to buy their last minute gifts.  There is a pall cast over the season, however, since there is still a lockout going on at Crystal Sugar.

     It was with a heavy heart that I went to the grocery store to buy my holiday baking supplies and purchased C & H Sugar for the second year in a row.  I used to buy Crystal Sugar with pride, knowing my friends and relatives had a hand in making such a quality product. The quality is not there anymore.  The reputation of the company is sinking.  Things may never be the same for the company, its workers and their relatives, friends and neighbors.  There has been a breach of trust and it may never be repaired.

     The spirit of Christmas is one of celebration, redemption and joy.  There is not a lot to be joyful for here, though, since families have stopped speaking, neighbors aren’t as friendly and friendships have been ruined over this lockout.

     Dave Berg: Make this a Merry Christmas once again for the people of the Red River Valley and end this costly and unnecessary lockout!  Go to the table and negotiate fairly.  Bring the workers back so you can get back to quality and profitability and rebuild the reputation of your company.