We're doomed if we don't.

It’s been stated that we Americans, by inclination at least, have been divided into two kinds: “Boomers” and “Stickers”.

    “Boomers” are motivated by greed, the desire for money and therefore power.  Corporate Industrialists fit this description and the Oil Boom in North Dakota is a good example.

    Boomers are those who pillage and run, make their fortunes and leave the “side effects” – whole landscapes defaced, pollution of air, land and water and natural health and beauty replaced by a heartless and sickening ugliness.

    Nothing is sacred or off limits to these cannibalizers of the Earth.  They are in a hurry to begin projects to avoid any possible government oversight or regulation.  Big Oil, Gas, Coal, Mineral, Timber are the Boomers today.

    We now live in an economy that is not sustainable and it is not only the fault of mongers of power.  We are all implicated.  We all in our daily economic lives consent to it whether or not we approve of it.

    Corporate control of lives is almost complete.  The hi-tech god is above reproach and we bow before It.  We have become a nation-of-sheep, bought off and silenced by the latest devices, gizmos, I-this or I-that the corporate monopolies feed us.

    We are frightfully detached/removed from Nature, the Real, the gifts of Life.

    The Earth and our future needs for us to be “Stickers”.  Stickers are those motivated by affection, by such a love for a place and its life that they want to preserve it and remain in it.  They know they are part of Nature, not apart.  They are stewards of the Land.  Empathy directs their actions.

    With Climate Change/Chaos now an accepted fact we need to urgently embrace what Nature teaches – Balance, Simplicity, and Patience.

    Please teach your children to respect and love Nature and all its wonders.  Our future and theirs depends on care of Nature and its protection.

    Without a renewed affection for our Mother Earth there is no hope.  We are doomed.