Cheers to NDSU's 'The Messiah', Jeers to The Who going a bit too far.

Cheers to an excellent holiday tradition
    Cheers to North Dakota State University's School of Music for putting on an excellent, excellent production of Handel's 'The Messiah' this past Sunday. A tradition for the last 10 years, a combination of all of the music department's choirs, a total number of 213 students sang in a two-hour performance of Handel's masterpiece and it was something else.

    The mass choir was in sync and the soloists were perfectly on pitch. The best part was that there was an orchestra accompanying them, complete with violins, cellos, bass, trumpets, clarinets, organ and a timpani. There was even a harpsichord, which really made the whole production authentic.

    Over 200 voices and an orchestra made it appear as if the audience was taken back to a 17th century theatre or a large Catholic church, especially during the infamous 'Hallelujah Chorus'.

    Classical music may not be everyone's cup of tea, but if you get a chance to attend a concert at NDSU, think about going to next year's production of 'The Messiah'.

    It is a piece of history that everyone should experience.
– Amanda Wagner, Times intern

Jeers to a bit too much from Daltrey, Townshend at 12/12/12 concert
    A benefit concert for victims of Hurricane Sandy was held on Wednesday night, 12/12/12, at Madison Square Garden in New York City. Many legendary artists and bands made onstage performances, some of those better than others.

    One performance, done by The Who, stood out in particular. This may have been because 68 year old lead singer Roger Daltrey seemed to have forgotten to button up his shirt until about halfway through the never-ending performance. His dance moves also set him apart from the other performances.

    Some may say that if you’re that age and still rocking you’re infinite, but don’t limits have to be set?

    To top it off, Pete Townshend showed that he doesn’t believe in limits after his explicit words he had for America before walking off stage.

    Overall, the night was a success with donations from all over the country being raised for those affected by the superstorm that hit the East Coast, and sure, The Who are a great band, moreso 40 years ago.
– Katie Davidson, student staff writer