Main and Broadway would be reduced to one-lane traffic, Kelly says.

    It’s a topic that’s been raised from time to time over the years, as various community leaders have looked for ways to boost activity downtown. With a lack of parking often mentioned as a deterrent to said activity, every now and then someone wonders why downtown Crookston couldn’t be home to more angle parking.

    Currently, Second Street is the only downtown street home to such parking.

    The topic was raised again recently when some people involved in the Crookston InMotion community stewardship/strategic visioning initiative – Wayne Melbye, Tom Jorgens, Tony Chladek, Shannon Stassen and John Bridgeford – took a stroll downtown and wondered why portions of Main and Broadway couldn’t have some angle parking.

    The subject was added to this week’s  city Community Development Committee meeting, but it turned out to be a pretty short discussion once Public Works Director Pat Kelly weighed in.

    With Main and Broadway being part of a U.S. Highway, he said if angle parking was available on even one side of either street, the requirement of a back-up lane for motorists backing out of their parking spots would reduce the street to one-lane of traffic. Even though both are home to one-way traffic, it’s a deal-killer.

    “That’s why Second Street is not a state-aid street,” Kelly explained. “It’s the only one downtown that the parking doesn’t meet state aid requirements.”

    “I knew it was probably tough to do, but we figured we’d bring it up,” Melbye said.