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Johnson begins 36th year of dedication to the children of Head Start
The children that attend the Tri-Valley Head Start, Early Head Start and Migrant Head Start programs have the opportunity to learn from exceptional early childhood educators. Mary Johnson, Program Area Manager with Tri-Valley Head Start is one of those educators who not only had the chance to teach, but also a chance to learn and grow. Johnson’s education is not over, however, as she begins her 36th year (15th year with Tri-Valley) working with the children of Head Start.

Johnson began working with the Head Start program in 1977 as a paraprofessional. At that time, she was a young mother of three children and she hadn’t even graduated from high school. The first year that she worked for Head Start, she obtained her GED due to a lot of encouragement from some very supportive co-workers. After joining Tri-Valley, Johnson earned a degree in Early Childhood Education for which she attributes to the continued empowerment that the Tri-Valley Head Start program offers to staff and families. “I have worked with some of the finest and most dedicated people in the world,” says Johnson.  “I cannot think of better way that I would have wanted to spend 36 years of my life.”

Over the years, she has had the opportunity to serve the Tri-Valley Head Start program in many capacities. Her experiences have included bus driver, paraprofessional, teacher, center manager, area manager and everything in between. She has had the pleasure of watching children grow while expanding their minds, assisting families with setting goals for themselves and being a part of the celebration of the achievement of these goals.

Tri-Valley Opportunity Council, Inc. is a not-for-profit community action agency headquartered in Crookston, Minn. In existence since 1965, Tri-Valley provides services in 84 counties in Minnesota and Northeast North Dakota. For more information on services offered and job opportunities at Tri-Valley visit the website at, follow us on Facebook at or on Twitter at @TriValley_TVOC.

RiverView Foundation receives funding for laryngoscopes from Crookston National Bank
Crookston National Bank recently provided funding through the RiverView Health Foundation for three portable video laryngoscopes at RiverView Health.

Thanks to this generous donation, there is now a laryngoscope located in the Surgery Department, Emergency Department and Inpatient Unit at RiverView. This strategic placement minimizes response time to intubate patients and deliver life-saving therapy. The portable machines allow RiverView’s Code 7/Rapid Response Team the ability to intubate patients in respiratory or cardiorespiratory failure.

The new devices actually increase not only the availability, as there are now more laryngoscopes available throughout the facility, but they also increase the number of people able to use them; including trained physicians, anesthesia, nursing and respiratory care staff.

“They (laryngoscopes) make it easier for someone who may not use them often,’’ reported Jeremy Eversvik, a CRNA at RiverView Health. “Sometimes we’re in the middle of surgery when a situation arises, so it’s helpful that others have been trained on how to use these.’’

The video laryngoscopes reduce the time it takes to put in an artificial airway and minimize the chance of error or any additional trauma to the patient by directly visualizing the vocal cords when inserting the endotracheal tube into the lungs.

“This is a project the Code 7 Committee is very excited about. This is the right equipment to enhance the care to our patients both in critical conditions and in the OR,’’ said Mary Ann Boushee, chair of the Code 7 Committee at RiverView Health. “We are thankful that it has become a reality.’’

Former Crookston resident Lambrix named Presidio, Texas Port director
U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has named David Lambrix, a former Crookston resident and firefighter with the Crookston Fire Department, as the new Port Director at the Presidio (Texas) Port of Entry. Lambrix arrived at the port of entry November 4 and a formal change of command ceremony was held Dec. 6. Before receiving his current assignment Lambrix served as Chief Operations Manager in the Office of the Commissioner, Joint Operations Directorate/CBP Headquarters.

As the Presidio Port Director, Lambrix will direct operations and enforcement activities at the Presidio port of entry as well as provide oversight on the Boquillas international crossing currently being implemented at the Big Bend National Park. He will oversee CBP employees at these locations including CBP officers, Agriculture Specialists, Canine Enforcement Officers, and other personnel working in other disciplines. Lambrix will work to ensure that the agency’s primary mission of preventing terrorists or weapons of terror from entering the United States is accomplished on a daily basis. He is also responsible for all immigration issues related to the admission and exclusion of people applying for entry into the United States. He also is responsible for customs and agriculture inspections at the ports of entry to ensure that all goods and people entering the United States do so in accordance with our laws and regulations, while ensuring that they are facilitated in their processing to support the global market place and the international tourism industries.

Lambrix began his career with U. S. Customs and Border Protection (U. S. Customs Service) in 1988 in Detroit, Mich. He has also been assigned to International Falls, MN, Calexico, CA and Houston, TX. He has held the positions in the Houston Field Office as Coordinator for Emergency Management, Training and Firearms; leadership roles at the Houston Airport, AT-CET and Houston Seaport. Lambrix also served as a Customs Instructor at the U.S. Customs Academy, and Instructor assigned to the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center where he started the Antiterrorism/Aviation Safety and Security Training. His experience is very broad, extending from his core CBP Field Operations competencies to include but not limited to interagency operations integration, incident management, continuity of operations/continuity of government, business resumption, vehicle fleet management.  In addition, he is a Master Exercise Practitioner; an instructor for the International Law Enforcement Academy, FEMA and Lead Field Coordinator program as well as a Primary Firearms Instructor.

While at Headquarters Lambrix was key in the implementation of the Mexico and CBP Business Resumption. He served as the lead instructor in the very first Bi-national Incident Command Systems training between the United States and Mexico. He was also the lead coordinator for the CBP Lead Field Coordinator program and lead the design of the CBP FEMA Region VI all hazard plan. He worked with leadership during Operation Hardline and was the U.S. Customs Inspector, assigned to Border Patrol and DEA, to set up the Law Enforcement Coordination Center (Valley Project) under, U.S. Attorney Alan Bersin. He also served as NTEU President in Detroit and Houston.

Lambrix is also a certified Firefighter having worked in Northern Minnesota as a Firefighter (Captain/Assistant Chief/ EMT), Minnesota Fire Instructor and also a Department of the Navy Firefighter at the Blue Angels winter Base in El Centro, CA. He is a veteran of the U.S. Air Force where he served as a firefighter and an air rescue member. Lambrix attended Thief River Falls, MN Community College for Criminal Justice and the U.S. Air Force School of Applied Aerospace Science for Fire Fighting.

Currently Lambrix is an integral member of the JOD/Joint Communications Division, overseeing the startup of the WebEOC for all Hazards, the AtHOC communications system - to notify CBP employees during emergencies, incidents, and international communication with CBP, Mexico Customs and Canada Customs as well as State, Local and Tribal offices. This division is currently testing a mobile pc solution (tablets) for both, office and field deployment.

Lambrix is married and has five children.