Taxidermist enjoys running his small business.

Although Crookston is a small community, it does have one type of business that most others don't; a local taxidermy. Outdoor Addictions Taxidermy, a professional taxidermy studio located in Crookston, has been successful thus far in its first few years of business.

Going to school for wildlife and fishery science, Nick Genereux, taxidermist and owner of Outdoor Addictions Taxidermy, always had an interest in animals. "My grandpa did taxidermy as a hobby," mentioned Genereux. After graduating from college, he picked up his grandpa's skill and found that he enjoyed taxidermy, and from there decided to go to taxidermy school and ultimately pursue a career in the uncommon form of art.

With the recent end of deer season, the busiest time of year, Genereux is staying occupied. "This is my third year of business, and also my busiest year," said Genereux.

Genereux's work varies from big game mounts, small mammals, birds, fish habitat work and mount restoration. The most popular item he has brought in at this time of the year are deer heads, which he usually has 30 of at a time.

"The deer shoulder mount process takes about 16 hours to complete," said Genereux. 16 hours in total, but with the heavy load of work Genereux has at a time, the 16 hour process is spread over months.

Although most of his business comes from the Polk County area, he receives many animals that you'll never find in this neck of the woods. Genereux said that some of the most unique animals he has brought to him include fishers, bobcats and even sea ducks from Alaska.

Genereux credits some of his success to his downtown location. "It's pretty nice for the most part, and is easy for people to find," said Genereux. He gets quite a bit of his business from out of town, usually within 45 miles of town.

If things continue the way they are, with business booming at Outdoor Addictions, Genereux will be able to continue his craftsmanship keeping another successful, small business in Crookston.