It gives me great pleasure to write this note to the public regarding, in our particular case, the boys high school hockey schedule.

It gives me great pleasure to write this note to the public regarding, in our particular case, the boys high school hockey schedule. The question appears to revolve around the perception that the recently passed referendum funds the trips for the boys high school hockey team. This is both inaccurate and misinformed which allows me to not only set the record straight but to give some background and history regarding both our scheduling and our parent support organization, the Hot Stove Club, with which we are truly proud of and so thankful for their support and fellowship.

Our boys high school schedule has games outside what are our traditional "Section 8" opponents. With this, we mean the "old" Section 8 prior to the separation of teams into AA and A levels. Crookston has maintained this schedule for literally decades...even back to the days of the Mount/Cathedral and Central high schools. Trips to the NE part of Minnesota and the metro area are essential and probably more essential now than in days past for many reasons and I'd be happy to sit down and explain these to/for you any time.

However, to set those with questions as to the funding of these trips, at ease, over these past 6-7 years there has never been a dime of referendum money used to pay for the travel, meals or lodging of these trips and games. Each trip outside our traditional "Section 8" travel (basically east of Bemidji and Alexandria and west of the Red River Valley) has been paid through our parents organization, the "Hot Stove Club" and the parents/ players themselves! Over these past 6 - 7 years, the members and players through the Hot Stove Club have funded these trips; provided funds, along with generous supporters and alumni, for the finishing of our boys high school locker room in the CSC; have provided up front money for summer tournaments and skill sessions prior to the building of the CSC; have paid for some repair and maintenance of equipment; locker essentials; this year, several parents of the Hot Stove Club have provided, anonymously, for the purchase of new white game uniforms! There are other and more ways in which the Hot Stove Club supports our boys high school program along with CHS and the Crookston Booster Club, Crookston Blue Line Club, to which we are grateful and thankful.

However, and most importantly, no referendum funds are used for the travel, lodging and meals of our boys high school hockey team!!!! Never has, and does not at this time and for the foreseeable future.

Our Hot Stove Club is a social group of parents that are interested in the support and maintenance of a strong boys high school hockey program. We meet approximately once a month to talk about agenda items and ways in which we can better support our boys hockey program: Nothing more, nothing less!

Thank goodness we have organizations like the Crookston Booster Club, the CYBA, the Wrestling Club, the Crookston Baseball Club, the Crookston Fine Arts Boosters and our Hot Stove Club, etc! All are enthusiastic supporters of their charges but mostly, they support the kids and programs which need additional revenue, and work to help all our kids succeed!