He'd work half-time in 2013, saving the city almost $39,000.

    With Crookston’s flood control projects pretty much wrapped up and the focus shifting to how best to operate and maintain Crookston’s new levee system, Mike MacDonald, who’s overseen flood control efforts in Crookston for many years, is looking to phase into retirement.

    The city Ways & Means Committee Monday night will consider his proposal, to work half-time in 2013 on formulating the levee system’s operation and maintenance manual, while continuing to work as well on securing the “letter of map revision” from FEMA, a precursor to the completion of a new flood plain map, that would allow residents in areas now protected from 100-year floods to make improvements on their properties. MacDonald has said that it might be 2015 before the city has a LOMR in place for Sampson’s and Jerome’s addition flood control projects.

    In a meeting memo, City Administrator Tony Chladek recommends approval of MacDonald’s phased-in retirement proposal for 2013. According to the memo, MacDonald working half-time would save the city just under $39,000 in 2013.

     If need be, MacDonald has offered to work in 2014 or longer if levee-related events warrant an extension of his employment.

    There are several city meetings on tap Monday, including the Charter Commission, the annual budget hearing, City Council, and Public Works, Community Development and Ways & Means committees.

    Items of note to be discussed and/or approved and passed onto the full council include:
    • A plat for the land northeast of Crookston Sports Center
    • A one-year extension of the city’s new-building Housing Incentive Program, as long as the school district and Polk County agree to the tax abatement portion of the incentives.
    • Potential angled parking at various locations downtown to increase parking options