Jana gets 12-point buck first time out

Ricky Green of Crookston relates this story of his wife, Jana, bagging her first deer during muzzle loading season:

"After not harvesting a deer in rifle season, my wife wanted to try muzzle loading for the first time. We decided to sit in the stand on my family's land nine miles east of Crookston, where we have trail camera pictures of the same mature buck over the last two years, but we have never seen him out before dark. 

"Finally, the wind was in our favor, coming out of the south, which is perfect for our stand. After sitting up there for a couple of hours, two fawns came out of the willows with two does following them, and with only 20 minutes left of shooting time, we were just waiting for dark to come so we could get down. The does kept looking to the west on a nearby trail, and we had a feeling something was going to show. So we kept watching and Jana then began tapping me on the leg, saying 'BUCK, BUCK!'

"With just 10 minutes left, he appeared, the BIG ONE we have been waiting for. Here he comes, just 15 yards away, he had no idea we were there as he came off the trail. He was walking away, giving her no shot. Finally, he turns in towards the does at about 30 yards, the perfect opportunity. She pulls the trigger, the gun goes off and the smoke clears. We see him running to the south away from us, where he goes just 25 yards and drops to the ground. We wait for a few minutes, making sure he is down. We get down from the stand, my wife takes off running to the deer, kneels down and grabs his rack, turning his head towards me and saying we finally got him."