What if people aren't who they claim to be?

When most people dream of meeting the love of their life they don’t picture finding their soul mate from the click of a mouse on a dating website. Yet with more social networking being introduced to our society every day, more and more people are finding what they call love on the Internet, where they’re forced to believe that the person they’re chatting with is actually who they say they are based only on an online profile.

    On a new program on MTV, “Catfish: The TV Show,” people who are currently in online relationships are given the chance to find out who it is they’re really falling in love with. Nev and Matt, the two creators of the show, find people around the country who are involved in online romances and looking to take the next step with their significant other, by actually meeting them in person. These people talk to the people they find online only through instant messaging, texting and maybe a few phone calls on average for a year without ever seeing them face to face.

    I don’t have much experience in this department, but I would think that a main part of a healthy relationship would be actually meeting the one you are supposedly “in love” with.

    In most cases, the people these desperate souls meet online are not who they say they are, leading to a feeling of stupidity and utter embarrassment on the other end of things, with all of it playing out in front of the cameras. Thinking that you’ve found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, only to find out they are a complete lie on national television…yes that may be a bit humiliating.

    So what is it that leads these people to use the Internet as a means to find love? Are they so lonely and vulnerable that they just need someone to show some care and compassion in their lives? Or are they so desperate after trying everything else that they have to resort to a virtual relationship because they’re just not all that great at finding people?

    Whatever the case may be, these people are looking for love in what I and most others would consider the wrong places.

    Call me old-fashioned, but I would not want to tell my kids that I met their father going through profiles on a dating website. Personally, I don’t find that to be too romantic. I’ll give these people credit, I would not be able to put myself out there like they do, trusting that the person they’ve met online is the person that they say they are. That’s just not for me.

    Despite what I think, our world is becoming more and more technology-friendly, which is giving people ore options to meet others without ever coming face to face with them. I’m all for people finding love, but I hope that people can do so in ways other than using the Internet to meet compatible singles.