There are only 200 to 300 registered grey Shires in the world.

For some, maybe one horse-drawn wagon ride is just like another. Maybe they’re a dime a dozen.

    But during Winter Wonderland in Crookston on Friday evening, Dec. 7, the two horses that will be pulling the wagon for the rides are pretty special.

    The horses are owned by Clayton and Kristen Vetter of Point Paradise Stables of East Grand Forks. John Whittaker, 4 years old, and Tanner, 5, are rare grey Shires, Kristen said. How rare? There are approximately 2,000 registered Shires in the world, she said, and of those 2,000, there are only around 200 to 300 that are grey.

    “Adding to their rareness is their incredible size,” she explained, adding that each horse stands “19 hands,” or about 6’3” at the rump. And they’re still growing, Kristen said.

    Their previous owner, of Lake Crystal, Minn., imported the horses, with John Whittaker coming from Wales and Tanner coming from London.

    Kristen said she and Clayton purchased “the boys” in September of 2011. Clayton and his father built the wagon that will be used for Friday’s rides by hand, she added.

    Rides start at 5:30 p.m.