No matter what anyone says, isn't it about wishing people well? And isn't that what really matters?

It’s probably just another thing we can blame on social media, but doesn’t it seem as though the whole calling it Christmas vs. calling it the holiday season debate is a little more intense this year?

    Some are going out of their way to utter the word “Christmas” as much as possible, while others are just as enthusiastic about calling this festive few weeks at the end of every calendar year “the holiday season” or, simply, the “holidays.” They may even deliver a hearty “season’s greetings” now and then for good measure.

    Can everyone just agree to disagree and get over it, please? If you see a friend next to the Pop Tarts selection in the grocery store aisle and you proceed to catch up on the latest gossip and goings-on in your families for a few moments, and you conclude your conversation with a “Merry Christmas!” don’t get all upset and consider nixing the friendship if your friend responds with an enthusiastic “Happy Holidays!” Your friend is not a heathen and is probably not an aetheist, either. In fact, there’s probably a 99 percent chance that your friend has a “Christmas” tree all lit up in the living room at home, with lots of “Christmas” presents wrapped up all pretty underneath.

    That goes for the argument about taking “Christ” out of Christmas as well, and the contention that doing so is leading to the downfall of not just the United States, but the world. If some people choose to say “holidays” more than they say “Christmas” during this time of year, again, it’s highly likely that they simply realize and, therefore, choose to recognize with a very small, public gesture that America is a melting pot more than ever these days, and it isn’t going to kill any Christmas-lovers to say “holidays” now and then, especially when there are occasions like Hannukah and Kwanzaa for others to celebrate as well.

    If you want to worry about what’s become of Christmas, then focus that worry on what a gargantuanly successful worldwide business Christmas has become. Is it about a baby in a manger, or unbelievably big bucks?

    Truth be told, you have about as much chance of winning the Powerball as you do offending anyone by saying “merry Christmas.” The vice versa should be true for those who instead say “happy holidays,” but apparently it’s not.

    If you want to spread true Christmas cheer and give a really great gift to all your friends and loved ones, stop this nonsense of perceiving a threat that really doesn’t exist by posting on Facebook how concerned you are about this so-called assault on your religious holiday leading to humanity’s plunge into the abyss.

    With that, have a merry Christmas! Happy holidays, too! And, what the heck...season’s greetings!