Alex Boone and Justin Burgoz write about winter things.

Toni Grove's News Broadcasting class at Crookston High School covers news reporting in both print and video media. Juniors and seniors in the class produce weekly news broadcasts for the CHS student body, publish the Pirate Pride newsletter and submit articles to the Crookston Daily Times, which are published periodically.

Christmas Gifts
By: Alex Boone
As Christmas gets closer and closer, kids everywhere will be making gift lists and mailing them to Santa. Some kids spend most of November and December thumbing through catalogs thinking of what they want for Christmas. As I get older, it seems like I can think of fewer and fewer gifts I’d like for Christmas.  I might fit the cliché, “what do you get someone who already has everything?”, but I believe it’s because I’m getting older and focusing more on what Christmas is really about.

This year I’m looking forward to spending time with family and all the great food that comes with Christmas. I used to worry about what gifts I was going to get, but that’s not the case this year. I’m excited for the break from school and relaxation. People should be focused on spending the special holiday with family and enjoying each other’s company. Some people have no one to spend Christmas with, so people should be grateful for what they have. This seems to be something that comes with age. It’s usually young kids who are the ones that focus on gifts, and adults focus more on enjoying the experience.

Something I enjoyed doing last year was a gift exchange. Everyone brought a gift and we placed the gifts in a pile. We drew cards for the first chance to choose and then started picking out gifts. I liked doing this because everybody gets a gift and there’s no jealousy on who gets what. It’s all about chance, and it makes opening gifts much more exciting. Last year I got a bottle of eggnog that my uncle brought.

I’m hopeful that there will be snow on the ground this year, unlike last year’s “Brown Christmas.” Snow adds a lot to Christmas break. Last year I wasn’t able to go snowmobiling, which was a big let down. No one was able to go sledding, skiing or snowboarding either. In my opinion there’s not a true Christmas feeling unless there’s snow on the ground.  Thankfully there has already been snow and more is predicted to come. I’m crossing my fingers that there’ll be enough snow.

There’s nothing like a light snowfall on a Christmas Eve when we’re gathered together.

Be Prepared For Winter
By: Justin Burgoz
While the winter offers many fun activities like sledding, ice skating, and snow boarding, it also has some risks. Most of us hate winter driving, myself included, but if something goes wrong, would you be prepared for the situation?

First of all, before we get too deep into winter, have your car inspected by a mechanic, and make sure it’s safe to drive. He will tell you if you have the proper amount of tread on your tires, if you have the proper amount of fluids like coolant, and if your heating core is properly working.

Second, try to stay connected with your local news station and always check the weather before you plan on going anywhere. With Christmas coming up, many people travel. If you find yourself traveling this holiday season, be sure to look ahead at the weather report!

Third, this winter make sure you are carrying a survival kit in your car at all times. This should consist of a small candle with matches or a disposable lighter, a brightly colored square piece of cloth such as a bandanna, basic first aid kit in case of injury, and a large plastic garbage bag that can be used to insulate feet, legs and torso. Also include high-energy, non-perishable foods, and plenty of warm clothing, including extra layers and blankets.

Last, and most importantly, keep your cell phone charged! Make sure you have a person to call. Know where you are located; what highway and what mile marker is closest and make sure you have a car charger or a spare prepaid phone with maybe 30 to 60 min on it. We all don’t want to be stuck in the middle of nowhere, and trust me, in Minnesota, that’s not a hard nowhere to find. But accidents happen. If your car breaks down, doesn’t start, or you get stuck in a ditch, make sure you are prepared to get out of that situation. I hope that you all have a safe winter, but let’s not forget to have fun this winter.