Snow must be cleared within 48 hours after snow event ceases.

    It looks as though the latest snowfall will be sticking around and with that being said, the City of Crookston would like to remind residents how the city's snow and ice removal ordinance works.

    • Shovel your sidewalk promptly: City ordinance requires that snow and ice be removed from sidewalks within 48 hours after snowfall ceases. If not removed at the required time, snow and ice may be removed by authorized City personnel and the costs for snow removal, along with an administration fee, will be assessed against the property.

    • Help your neighbors: Elderly neighbors and those with disabilities may need assistance with snow and ice removal. City ordinance asks that you take the time to help clear snow build-up at corners and around fire hydrants near yours and your neighbors' homes. When out of town, arrange for moving your vehicles during snowfalls and shoveling your public walk.

    • Rental property owners and tenants: A rental manager or snow removal contractor should be assigned to ensure that snow and ice are being removed from sidewalks if you own rental property. If you are a tenant, City ordinance reminds you to check with the property owner to assure proper snow removal arrangements have been made.

    The City of Crookston would like to remind you that it is against city ordinance to deposit snow or ice from private property or vacant lots onto the streets or other public property.

    If you have any questions about the snow and ice removal ordinance, contact the Public Works Department at 281-1232.