$10,000 check written to school district, disbursement totals $14,567.

    The Pirate Fine Arts Boosters had another successful year of fundraising, and on Monday at the Crookston School Board meeting, PFAB board member Jim Kent announced the awards that will be granted to Fine Arts programs throughout the school district in 2012-13.

    • Grade 7 and 8 Art: $500
    • CHS Art: $1,200
    • Washington Elementary Music: $200
    • Highland Elementary Music: $1,500
    • CHS Choir: $1,500
    • CHS Orchestra: $2,000
    • CHS Band: $3,000
    • CHS Theater: $1,100
    • CHS Speech: $500
    • Auditorium: $1,567
    • Music Department Special Projects (Music Shelving Units): $3,000
    • Total Disbursement: $14,567

    Thanks to contributions from supporters, PFAB was able to give out $100 scholarship awards in the summer of 2012, granted to a trio of students who were able to attend summer arts camps.

    PFAB is also a supporter of the Artist in the Schools residencies, and with a $2,245 NWRDC grant singer and song writer, Charlie Maguire, came to Washington Elementary School to share his talents with first graders earlier this fall. Choral consultant Melanie Popejoy, will be meeting with the CHS choir later this school year thanks to a $2,424 NWRDC grant.

    PFAB has five levels of donation groups. The first, PFABulous Club, is for those who donate up to $99 a year. The most popular level, Director Club, includes annual donations from $100-249. For donations of $250-499, donors become members of the Conductor Club, and donations of $1,000 or more are a part of the Maestro Club.

    "Over $170,000 has been donated to the Crookston Public schools Fine Arts programs over the past 12 years," Kent said.

    The mission of the Pirate Fine Arts Boosters is to work to promote, support and help fund the various fine arts programs in the Crookston Public Schools.

    If you have any questions about the Pirate Fine Arts Boosters or would like to make a donation, contact PFAB at P.O. Box 743, Crookston, MN 56716.