Personnel notes: Lokken hired to teach fourth grade, Reitmeier moving from Highland to high school.

    The Crookston School Board on Monday unanimously approved a resolution recommended by Superintendent Chris Bates to add "dean of students" to Activities Director Don Donarski's job title, a move that Bates said will put the school district more in line with similarly sized districts in the region with staff who handle activities and dean duties.

    "Not that aligning better with other schools is the end all, be all, but I think we are a little light in this area of high school help," Bates said of Donarski's dean of students duties. "Most of this, Don is sort of doing already, this just formalizes it."

    Donarski will split his duties almost evenly, Bates said, stressing that when "athletic matters are pressing" they will be Donarski's top priority. But much of the scheduling and other activities-related issues are resolved before the school year even starts, he added, and that the high school's office staff, with some tweaking of duties, will be able to help with day-to-day activities-related duties, such as confirming schedules and setting up transportation.

    Board member Frank Fee wondered if cutting Donarski's time as activities director essentially in half was a bit drastic, and noted that although many of the districts in the region are similar in size to Crookston, the Crookston district has more activities than they do.

    "I don't see this as hurting us as far as what we do for kids or what we offer kids," Bates said. "I really don't think we're going to shortchange ourselves. Schools of our size, this is a popular trend."

Personnel news
    • The board hired Ellen Lokken as a fourth grade teacher at Highland School to replace Wendy Greer, who resigned earlier this fall. This will be the first full-time teaching job for Lokken, who lives in Crookston and earned her degree from Pacific Lutheran University. Most recently she’s been a Title I paraprofessional in the Fisher School.
    • The board hired Robin Reitmeier as an administrative assistant in the Crookston High School office, to succeed the retiring Debbie Hasbrouck. Reitmeier currently works in the Highland School office. The board is now seeking a successor to Reitmeier at Highland.