On the cash mob, gay marriage and confirmation, snow, Jablonski, and the J-E-T-S Jets! Jets! Jets!

A nice, big mob at Wish Upon a Star
The Chamber and Retail Merchants Association this week are collaborating with another local business on a “Cash Mob.” It’ll take place this Thursday, from 6 to 6:30 p.m. at the Wish Upon a Star consignment store. During that time, customers are encouraged to come and take advantage of deals inside the store and have a little fun in the process. There’s a drawing for $200, too. It’s been hard not to notice Wish Upon a Star’s progress over the past year. The business moved from the corner of Robert and Broadway further to the north, to the long-vacant and much larger Kum & Go building, and earlier this year added nice signage and a fresh coat of paint, too. So if you’re looking for some nice clothes that don’t cost a lot, bring your cash and a willingness to give a local business a boost to Thursday’s Cash Mob.

If you don’t agree, leave
Barnesville teen Lennon Cihak has made headlines across the country due to his denial of confirmation rites by his pastor, Rev. Gary LaMoine, due to the teen's condemnation on Facebook of the marriage amendment that ultimately failed. Although there's some dispute as to the details of this case, Cihak clearly disagrees with the Catholic Church's strong stance against gay marriage. But does this warrant such a strong sanction against the teen? Perhaps not, given that scores of other Catholics surely do not agree or practice every teaching of the religion. However, the church can do whatever it wishes and because Cihak made his opinion known so publicly on the Internet, LaMoine maintains he had no choice but to refuse his confirmation.  Although the Cihak family has said they want to continue being part of the Catholic Church, they might want to consider shopping around for one that better suits their beliefs. No one should be forced to stifle their opinions for their church or anything else. If the church is intolerant of your beliefs, it's time to leave.

Let’s hope the snow stays
Snow is great, isn't it? We can build snowmen, have snowball fights, snowmobile, ski....all sorts of things. Last year, we barely got 24 inches of it, and it all fell after Christmas. And so far this year we have had about 12 inches fall, but only 3 of those inches have stayed, as the temperatures after the first 2 snowfalls have been above average and it melted only after a few days. Last week's snow, though, has the potential to stick around a little longer, according to the upcoming cold forecast. Hopefully, it will. It would just be nice to have any snow that falls from here on out not have to melt right away. Otherwise, if this melting trend continues for the rest of the winter, we might see a repeat of last year, which would not be ideal in any case. The ice, though, has permission to stay at a minimum. Amanda Wagner, Times intern

Dropping the puck, and thinking of Jack
While high school hockey players all around the state of Minnesota have been practicing and playing games on the ice for most of November, one high school student may never be able to lace up his skates and get on the ice again. If you didn’t hear about Jack Jablonski’s story last winter, you are definitely not a true Minnesotan. High school students, teams and other organizations around the state came together to make donations to Jack and his family after one hockey game put a hold on Jack’s hockey career. The Benilde St. Margaret’s junior varsity hockey player was checked into the boards during a game on Dec. 30, 2011 leaving him with a severe spinal cord injury that paralyzed him and support from the whole state. It’s almost been a year since Jack’s life was changed, and his condition still remains the same. Jack will only be able to watch his teammates out on the ice instead of joining him, and will need more support than ever this year, support that Minnesotans will hopefully be able to give him again this year. Katie Davidson, student staff writer

Can we forget about the jets?
Enough already about the New York Jets. The team is 4-7 and A-W-F-U-L, awful. They should be getting as much national attention as the 4-7 Buffalo Bills, but since they have Tim Tebow, Rex Ryan, a handful of other loud mouths on the team and they play in New York they are the most talked about team in the NFL. The only reason non-Jets fans remotely care about them is because it's like watching a train wreck, it's ugly but you just can't look away. Jets superfan Fireman Ed, who is like the Vikings' Syd Davy, said he is not coming to games anymore as Fireman Ed because of the unpleasant confrontations with other fans. The Jets' biggest fan is being heckled because he's a fan? Preposterous! ESPN and other national writers, please stop informing us about the New York Jets. We only care about the Vikings and other playoff contenders.