In celebration of American Education Week.

In celebration of American Education Week, which was Nov. 11 to 17, Highland fifth graders at wrote essays on why they like their school. Five were selected by teachers for publication in the Times.

Maddi Salentine
One of the reasons why I like Highland School is we have a greenhouse/nature center.  In the greenhouse we get to plant flowers, and some people come and buy the flowers that we plant.  In the nature center we get to run and play with our friends, and I like to be adventurous.  If there wasn’t a nature center I think I would die.

Another reason I like Highland is because we get to have science labs and experiments.  I feel like a real scientist, like one time we got to wear goggles and pour “chemicals” into tubes.  That was fun!   

In Mrs. Brantner’s classroom we get to sit on a fitness ball or on a chair.  The reason I like to sit on a fitness ball is because you get a lot of exercise and you don’t feel stiff after the school day is done.   

And those are the top three things that I like about Highland School.

Zoe Everett
Highland School is a great place to learn.  One of the reasons why is because Highland has a big library.  It has many books, and sometimes we get to read on rockers.  I also like the library because it is quiet, and we get to check out

Another reason why I like Highland School is because we get to use fitness balls for chairs in my class.  They are fun to have and help me focus.  They are very comfortable, and I can sit on them for a long time without getting bored or tired.

What I also like about Highland is it has band, orchestra and choir.  That is very nice, because then lots of kids can learn to play an instrument if they want to, or they can learn to sing better.    

Highland also has a nature center, and my class sometimes gets to go and play there, because we take a walk every day.  The nature center is very big, and filled with trees, birds, squirrels and marshes.  It is very safe, though, and has small bridges.  

Highland also has wonderful teachers, plenty of assistants, bus drivers and staff members.

My class also has read-aloud, and that is one of my favorite parts of the day.  Mrs. Brantner always picks good books, and we have great discussions.  So far we have read Loser, by Jerry Spinelli, and Out of My Mind, by Sharon Draper.  Those are some reasons why I like Highland School.

Caleb Sannes
There are lots of things I like about Highland School, but I will just name a few of them.

One thing I like about school is how our class goes on a walk every morning.  We walk to the end of the block and back.  We sometimes go in our nature center for a walk.  It’s very fun.

If you want you can sit on fitness balls.  I like using fitness balls, because you can move around without bothering anyone around you.          

I like how we have a big gym in our school.  Sometimes our teacher lets our class go in the gym with no one else in there.  She lets us take any equipment out, but we have to put it back when we’re done.

I like having band and orchestra every week.  We have orchestra twice a week and band once a week.  I am in both band and orchestra.  I play cello and trumpet.

We are also going to have a math club for fifth and sixth graders.  I don’t know when it’s starting, but I think I am going to join.

That’s why I love Highland School.  If you don’t go to Highland School you should; it’s cool.

Angel Fuentes
At Highland Elementary School we have a big library!  We have really good books!  But you have to be quiet.  You can see art projects almost on every wall.  There are dark ones and color ones.  They are all beautiful, but if you go to the second grade area you can see a lot!

We read a lot!  Even the teachers read.  Reading makes you smart.  If you get Thursday and Friday off, don’t go to your teacher and say that you did not read.  And when you come to school, you will not know anything that you learned for the days you were at school that week.  So it is important to read most times.

When you are in fifth grade you have a field trip to Grand Rapids.  I didn’t go yet, but I will!  It is going to be awesome.  In gym we get to go swimming at the end of the school year.  We get to go to a track and field meet.  It is going to be fun going.  And in fifth grade you get to go snowshoeing in the winter.  I am so happy.  In Mrs. Brantner’s classroom you can go to the Nature Center on your walks.  And if you earn it you can go to the Public Library.  After your walks you can have a snack that is healthy for you.

Walker Winjum
Highland School is a great place to go to school.  Here are some of the good things about Highland:

There is a big library with a huge variety of books.  The library has non-fiction, fantasy, realistic fiction, science fiction, humor, historical fiction, and mystery books.  There’s even a whole section of magazines!

Another good thing about Highland is that there’s band, orchestra, and choir, so if you like singing or want to play an instrument, this is the school for you.

Each grade at Highland gets to go on a field trip every year.  In second grade you get to go to the science museum in Bemidji.  Third graders go to the Myra Museum in Grand Forks.  In fourth grade you go to Bonanzaville in Fargo.  In fifth you go to a logging camp in Grand Rapids.  And in sixth grade you go to Itasca and stay overnight there.

At Highland there are really nice teachers.  The teachers I’ve had have been Mrs. Davidson in second grade, Mrs. Geist in third, Mrs. Cary in fourth, and I have Mrs. Brantner this year.  All of them are super nice.

Those were some of my favorite things about Highland School.  I hope you enjoyed listening/reading about them.