Chamber of Commerce’s Beautification Committee makes it all happen.

What it is: The Chamber of Commerce’s Beautification Committee does projects that beautify the community all year long, including the holidays. Decorations recently went up near Montague’s Flower Shop.

The Chamber Beautification Committee has completed its final project of the year by decorating the downtown courtyard next to Montague’s Flower Shop.  Holiday decorations will remain up through the New Year.

The Beautification Committee does several projects throughout the year. A special thanks to Scott Riopelle, Pat Kelly and Tony Chladek with the City of Crookston for all the help in making these projects possible.

Chamber Beautification Committee members are Cindy Garcia, Nancy Janorschke, Dana Johnson, Nell DeBoer, Diane Seddon, Jackie Brekken. Bev Brekken, Mark Ecklund, Shirley Seddon-Iverson, Ellen Leake, Jean Tate, Linda Gregg, Jodi Stassen and Shannon Stassen.