We've already gotten our Christmas present, too.

Thanksgiving, the all-but-forgotten holiday, will soon be here and gone, making way for the official Christmas season that's been lurking, at least in stores, since school started. I must admit that I, too, have been guilty of ignoring the holiday, forgetting to outwardly give thanks for all the good things in life.

    Not this year. There is so much to be thankful for, I don't even know where to start.

    Well, how about that my family has been fortunate not to move but once a generation? After 18 years of living in the same house that Hubby and I just assumed we'd grow old together in long after the girls flew the coop, our family has been given the opportunity to significantly upgrade our living quarters to something much bigger and better.

    Yes I know, perfect timing, with that empty nest ready to descend upon us in a few years. Oh well, more room for the grandkids – eventually!

    I always hated moving and did plenty of it in my young, single 20s. All of my holdings in those days came from Mom and Dad's place, meaning most of it either entered my apartments gradually or never even made it there, instead remaining in my trusty bedroom at the only place I really considered home or in the storage shed.

    We had a little less than a month to get everything out of our rental home when the big move into this house began on Thanksgiving Day 1994, which was also Hubby's 30th birthday. It never ceased to amaze me how much stuff we managed to cram into that relatively small space over a little less than three years' time. It didn't help that I acquired at least half the contents of my parents' home, which had nearly 40 years worth of accumulation by the time Mom passed away right before we moved in.

    Admittedly, I was not a whole lot of help with the moving process. A few months pregnant with our second child, my energy level was at a real low and the body awkwardness was beginning to set in. Plus, on one of our first nights sleeping in the new house, my klutziness took over as I descended the stairs from our bedroom while stupidly carrying a big wad of blankets. To make a long story short, I ended up twisting my leg from knee to ankle, which also  left me unable to work for a few days. Although Kent tried to be supportive of me in my predicament, I could tell he was not a happy camper at being saddled with most of the packing, transporting and heavy lifting.

    We vowed then that we would not move again until it was into a nursing home. Even though our bodies might say otherwise, our ages deem us to be far too young to be cared for by bubbly young healthcare workers, so I guess we broke our vow. This go around, though, we have three able-bodied young ladies to put in a good chunk of the work, as opposed to a toddler who rapidly flung things back out of the boxes before they could make it to the new one. We also have time that wasn't afforded us previously, as there's no hurry to get everything out of this house in order to move into our new one.

    Still, we're all very anxious to get settled into our new digs and begin our quasi-rural living adventure. Given that the seller has so graciously allowed us to start moving our stuff in prior to the closing date in order to have it all ready to entertain for Christmas, you'd think we'd have transferred half of our belongings over the last week, right?

    Yeah, maybe in a parallel universe. We're talking about a family of procrastinators (all but one). Our intentions may be good, but nature dictates that, while newly purchased furniture and appliances are moved in and set up as we get them, it will be a mad scramble once the ink is dry to pack everything else up needed to actually live in the place and get it all over there. And, as  those with teenaged to young adult children can attest to, some sort of prodding device may be necessary to motivated the girls to get their own stuff in order, much less assist with the rest of the house.

    Procrastinating aside, when it comes to all this moving stuff, Hubby and I are actually quite organized – on paper. We each have our tidy lists detailing everything from what we need/want to get for our new home to timelines for having such and such in place. Now if we could just follow through with these...

    It's going to be a good Thanksgiving. And we've already gotten our Christmas present.