Both touch on the election.

Cheers to the fact that it’s finally over
    Cheers to the fact the election is over.


    Because we no longer have to see or hear any more political advertisements for at least another two years, which is when Minnesota will have the governor election. But until then, we can bask in the light that is post-presidential election, as well as other big races.

    We may not have all been rooting for the same party but everyone can agree on the fact that listening to and watching all the ads had become quite tiresome. It was fine when they were first put out this summer, because it was done sporadically. But as it turned into September and October it just got plain annoying, especially with the ads bashing the respective opponents.

    But what was the biggest annoyance was how TV and radio became nothing but political commercials as the days were winding down to Election Day. It felt never-ending. That is one thing that won't be missed about elections.

    So, let us all rejoice that November 6 has come and gone.
– Amanda Wagner, Times intern

Jeers to Republicans in Congress if
they don’t work with the president
    “Shoring up entitlements and reforming the tax code – closing special interest loopholes and deductions, and moving to a fairer, simpler system – will bring jobs home and result in a stronger, healthier economy,” said Republican U.S. House Speaker John Boehner, or were these the words of Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney?

    Romney had a plan very similar to Boehner’s that he spoke on during his campaign, and Tuesday’s outcome proved Americans’ lack of support for his fiscal plan. And yet Boehner sticks with these tax-cut proposals, which may make it difficult for Congress to get anything done.

    Jeers to the chance that partisanship may get in the way of Congress putting the interests of Americans and the American economy first on their priority list.     Our country voted for four more years of President Obama moving our country forward with cooperative help from the House and Senate; hopefully that’s what Americans receive.
– Katie Davidson, student staff writer