Emotions are high on both sides of the issue.

It is important, especially with this upcoming wolf season, that we as a society branch any disconnect between the supporters and the non-supporters of the wolf hunt. A person can very easily become emotional involved on one side of this argument based solely on your love of nature and or occupation in life. However, sometimes the best thing to do is step back a moment, take a deep breath and try to listen to the emotional concerns of the other side of the equation.

    Farmers and hunters are doing what they feel is necessary to maintain livestock and deer populations. However, does it make the wolf wrong for picking up an easy kill if it sees one especially the lone wolf whom has been abandoned by the pack and is clinching onto survival as well?

    These are the simple rules in which a wolf lives, and more importantly all of nature. Wolves are merely doing what they have been designed to do, SURVIVE. It is a poetic but extremely simple way of life: eating, reproducing and living. Nature is not always beautiful or glorious, it’s sometimes unforgiving and downright cruel but nature is always honest and just, no matter what the consequences. There is beauty in this simplicity. Most human beings, in our quest to tame the wild and make life as easy as possible for ourselves, have forgotten the simplicity of such a life. We have forgotten what it really means to survive with mere hunting and gathering skills. No 50 inch television sets, recliner sofas, or afternoon football games in our warm and cozy home, free from nature’s elements.

    The mere aspect of surviving and raising the next generation to insure the species existence is all a wolf knows or contemplates, something which we as homosapiens have long forgotten.

    The answer is not to abandon or persecute the wolf as the demons which are portrayed in modern children’s literature just because they diminish our quality of life. The answer is to hopefully understand and embrace their inherent role in the ecosystem and our world being a far better place with them in it.