What is your perception of the DAC?

My dog growls when we play. I perceive this as the dog having fun; a child walking by may see it as a fearful event. Fearful, not fun. The neighbors with the brand new vehicles might take a look at my rusty Honda with the loud muffler and think, "Why doesn't he do something with that? Doesn't he care about anything?" while I truly may be saving for something more important for my family or paying off a high medical bill. For a while, some felt the earth was flat. Explorers confirmed the earth to be a sphere. It is typical to let our perceptions guide us even though they may not be accurate.

The Polk County DAC, situated on the south side of Crookston, has evoked many different perceptions in the community it has existed in for over forty years. Some may think it is a half-way house, others have thought it is a day program for retired citizens. Perhaps you think the DAC means Day Activity Center; in actuality it stands for Developmental Achievement Center. So, yes, it is a center for activity, but it is more than that. The DAC serves a population that, itself, has stirred-up different perceptions. Individuals with developmental disabilities, whether it be mental retardation, mental illness, traumatic brain injury or something else that affects a person developmentally, have both frightened others and made others proud. Reasons for such different perceptions vary according to how well someone knows such a person. Our staff provide services that help our clientele achieve gains in independence, communication, social dynamics, day-to-day academics, community awareness, employment, and in enjoying the life they have. It is a working facility more than anything else. Our clients run the range of being employable to being active in areas of personal interest to needing physical assistance throughout their day.

What is your perception of the DAC? Come visit us to get an accurate picture. If interested in seeing what we do or in getting to know us, please contact our Program Coordinator, Lonnie Quigley-Chapman at 281-4181. We would be happy to provide a tour for you. We encourage you to move from the unknown to the known. You will not fall off the edge of the earth but find a wonderful new world waiting for you.