If you care about your health care, Republicans must control Minnesota Legislature.

On October 5, 2012, Speaker of the House Kurt Zellers hand-delivered a letter to Gov. Dayton and Commissioner James Schowalter. The letter explicitly prohibits Dayton from taking an additional $42.5 million in federal tax dollars to plan and implement the DaytonCare Exchange.

    There are two predominant reasons the legislature did this: 1) Dayton seems to be committing Minnesota to hiring 60 new full-time state employees, clearly an action requiring legislative approval - he has no such approval. 2) Dayton continues to keep legislators and the rest of us in the dark until after this falls elections about his specific Exchange plans. His plan could take your health care plan away from you.

     Since Dayton refuses to release his Exchange plan publicly until after the election, we are stuck with making educated guesses. The best guess is that the Exchange, with a staff of as many as 75 employees, could cost Minnesota at least $60 million a year to run after Federal money runs out. But we don't really know because Dayton and fellow democrats won't tell us.

     Dayton wants to conceal the details of his Exchange until after the election. Then he will know if he has a GOP or DFL legislature. You had better hope, for the sake of your health care, that it's not DFL-controlled.