Diocese of Crookston site, crookston.org, has full video.

    Bishop Michael J. Hoeppner of the Diocese of Crookston discusses the importance of marriage between one man and one woman as the foundational social institution in a new online video that addresses what marriage is, why it matters, and the consequences of it being redefined.

    “It is imperative that all voices be heard on such an essential issue for our society as the definition of Marriage.  As Catholics, we take seriously our role as faithful citizens and so seek to articulate clearly and respectfully our convictions on this crucial topic.  And so our Bishop has taken the opportunity to do just that in this video,” said Fr. Robert Schreiner, director of the Office of the New Evangelization for the Diocese of Crookston.  

    In the video, Bishop Hoeppner emphasizes the uniqueness of the union of one man and one women, and how civilizations throughout history have protects and treasured that uniqueness for the good of the society.  

    The video was produced in collaboration with the Minnesota Catholic Conference, the public policy voice of the bishops of Minnesota, and can be found on the Diocese of Crookston website: crookston.org. It was created primarily for Catholic parishes and their marriage committees to use in their outreach activities leading up to the November election.

    The Catholic bishops of Minnesota, through the Minnesota Catholic Conference, support the adoption of a state constitutional amendment that preserves current state law defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman.

    The Church’s position on the Minnesota Marriage Protection Amendment is rooted in the fundamental responsibility in Catholic teaching to help promote and preserve the common good, particularly when it comes to promoting justice for children and preserve the right of every child to be known and loved by his or her mother and father.