See Wednesday's Times for photos of the athletes.

See Wednesday's Times for photos of the athletes.

Alex Boone - Football
Head Coach Scott Butt says, “Alex Boone had 42 yards rushing, 6 receptions for 84 yards and one touchdown along with three solo tackles on defense Friday night versus Pequot Lakes. Alex is a very good athlete, he is a true leader that gives everything he has when on the field. Alex makes everyone around him better when he is on the field.”

Emma Dufault - Volleyball
Head Coach Lon Boike says, “Emma is a 5-foot-11 senior who plays both the left and right side for the Pirates. She is a versatile player who generally is very steady and consistently puts the ball in play. Emma is looked upon highly by not only her teammates, but by her peers as well.  She will be greatly missed by everyone next year!”

Montell Tate - Boys' Soccer
Head Coach Don Cox says, “Montell is our right defensive back and a strong part of our defense. He's got the body style needed to go shoulder to shoulder with the attackers. During the games, you will see him turn guys around and around and keep them close to the touchline and away from our net. But he brings another quality to our team--loyalty--Montell will not give up. If an attacker gets by, he goes after the guy and has on numerous occasions frustrated them. His loyalty has been shown in every game with the intensity with which he plays and in every practice with his hard work. He'll be with us for a few more years and we all look forward to seeing just how far he can go for the team.”

Sabrina Delorme - Girls' Soccer
Head Coach Sarah Reese says, “Delorme is a very dependable player in her defensive position. I’m confident she could play any position on the field, but she is a fabulous outside defender. I put her in at the beginning of the game and know that she’ll give our team 80 solid minutes of play. She is aggressive, mentally tough, knows the right time to step in and take the ball and is a play starter for the offense. I appreciate her hard working attitude in practice and games.”

Lizzy Awender - Girls' Tennis
Head Coach Mike Geffre says, “Liz is in her second year of playing on our tournament team. She can play singles or doubles equally well and allows us diversity in our lineup. She has the best hands on our team earning her the nickname ‘GH’ for great hands. We will be depending on her to continue her competitive play throughout the playoffs.”

Marietta Geist - Girls' Swimming
Head Coach Marley Melbye says, “Marietta is the daughter of Sara and Dan Geist. She has been a great sprint freestyler for many years and this year she has decided to make the transition to also a longer distance swimmer. This transition is not easy for many and Marietta has been having wonderful success in the longer races as well as the sprinting. She is an asset to the team and she presents great leadership qualities, dedication and a strong work ethic that any coach looks for in an athlete.”