Toni Grove's News Broadcasting class submits stories.

Toni Grove's News Broadcasting class at Crookston High School covers news reporting in both print and video media. Juniors and seniors in the class produce weekly news broadcasts for the CHS student body, publish the Pirate Pride newsletter and submit articles to the Crookston Daily Times, which are published periodically.


By: Justin Burgoz

Would you like to make a difference in someone's life? How about making a difference in a community and change thousands of people's lives, in multiple states across the country?

In 2011 five CHS students and I joined an STLF tour where this opportunity possible! STLF stands for Students Today Leaders Forever. The mission of STLF is to help students become leaders through service projects and take that experience back into their own communities to help in their hometown.

In October of 2011, over MEA weekend, we boarded a bus filled with people who we didn't know; plenty of new faces and new names. Little did we know that these strangers would turn into amazing friends, practically family that I would keep in touch with for a long time to come. We were one of about six busses. We went from city to city doing service projects all over the states, and these service projects ranged from demolition projects to picking up trash in a park.

As you move through the tour, you tend sleep in very obscure places like gym floors and church basements. But on the final day, at the "celebration city," you get to sleep in a hotel with a bed, blankets, and pillows. I know you think beds are very normal, but after a few days without a bed or anything comfortable to sleep in, you appreciate it. Also, on top of that you're tired from sitting on a bus all day and doing service projects that tend to be energy draining. I know I had the best sleep I've had in a long time!

I would have to say the "celebration city" is the most fun. You do your service project, but you also have hours to be tourists and check out the wonderful sites the city has to offer. You will also probably buy a bunch of souvenirs that you don't need, but they're good reminders of the amazing time I spent on STLF. My celebration city was Omaha, Nebraska, and this year it will be Mount Rushmore in Rapid City, South Dakota.

This year there will be nine different trips, leaving in areas nearby! If you're interested in joining the tour this year, log on to "" and click on the "get involved" button to find the tour closest to you! For CHS students, you may ask Ms. Solie about the details of the 2012 STLF tour.

Fall Trends

By: Kaitlin Spivey

Fall is my all time favorite season. Not just the beautiful colors, but also the apparel that goes along with it. As summer ends, pack up your flip-flops and shorts and bring out your warm clothes. As the fall sports season starts, you are going to want to track down those boots, ladies. Men, I suggest finding the heavy sweatshirts and your warm pants for those cold nights. For teenagers, I think fall is probably the easiest season to dress.

You don't have to wear sweat pants and a heavy coat to go out with your friends somewhere. If you want more style, I suggest wearing leggings. Yes, you probably are thinking how are something that looks like some type of pantyhose something to wear as just pants? To make your style more "attractive", you can choose to add boots or a simple flat shoe for a classier look. Adding a simple sweater that goes past the top of your pant, is attractive and not too dressy looking.

Add the accessories, which is my favorite part of the outfit, putting a scarf around your neck adds a little touch that isn't over the top. Add some dangly earrings or bracelets, but not too much to make it look like you tried too hard. All of these things can make you look stylish, yet staying comfy all day.

As teens, we all like to just be comfortable. Between the yoga pants and sweatshirts, I think this look will still let us be "lazy", but look more together. For guys, jeans with a tee shirt and shoes are the best look for fall, and it's simple.

As for adults, if you're going out on the town, I think it's a different look than the teenager's style. For ladies, wearing a jean with a wide cut makes you look dressy with not going over the top. Wear boots with a little heel under them. Match your outfit up with a casual sweater, a long jacket, or a scarf.

Adding bracelets will complete this look but, not too much jewelry because people want to see what you're wearing, not just the "bling". If you're going to a sporting event, take out your boots, casual jeans and warm sweatshirts. Support your team with your favorite sweatshirt or pants or even your gloves.

Men, it's just a simple jean with a casual sweater or shirt when going to a social event. For a casual day, you can just wear jeans and a light jacket, nothing too fancy. Bring out your prints and those bright colored accessories, just so the outfit is not all neutrals. Want something else to try? Wear a casual knit hat when you are out and about. Hats can give you a more edgy look when it is placed with the right outfit.

When you are going out in the fall, you don't have to get all dressed up. Try the simple things. You can look great and be comfortable all at once.

Juggling School, Football and Hunting

By Alex Boone

Fall is always a hectic time of year students, especially if you are a hunter.

In a dream world, I wouldn't have to go to school, and I could just split my time between deer hunting and playing football. Of course, that could never happen, so I have to manage my time wisely to get the best of both worlds. Since the opening day of bow hunting, I've been really busy. When I'm not in class, I'm on a football field or in a tree stand. I don't have to be as busy as I am, but I want to. I need to attend school daily, but I don't HAVE to play football or deer hunt. I really like doing both of them so I make time. Football and deer hunting only come during the fall, so I'm not juggling these things all year, if that's even possible. I have no problem going to school and then football, but I have to squeeze hunting in whenever I get the chance.

Like other CHS students, I go to UMC for one class. Besides the free tuition, I like the PSEO program because I don't have to go to class on Tuesdays and Thursdays. That gives me 2 extra mornings that I get to hunt. Football practice lasts until 6 p.m. Monday through Friday, which makes it basically useless to try to hunt. The ideal time to hunt right now is about 7 o'clock, and it's only going to get earlier as the season goes on. If I hurried, I could maybe make it into my tree stand by 6:45 p.m. and hunt for an hour. As much as I like hunting, I'm not that desperate to get out there. That means I can hunt Tuesday and Thursday mornings and then the weekend. Football games are Friday nights, so that's takes away that night of hunting. My weekdays revolve around school and football, and my weekends are focused on hunting.

It's a busy time of year, but it's a good busy. I like that I always have something to do, and I don't have to worry about getting bored. Fall is easily my favorite time of year. I'm not a fan of the hot summer weather. I prefer the cool fall weather. It's too bad it doesn't last as long as our winters do. I'd be outside all the time playing football or hunting.

Next year I'll be going off to college where I won't be playing football anymore and might not have the chance to hunt like I do now. I'll look back at all the good times I'm having now and I'll miss them. I'm trying to do as much as I can now because I'll never get this time back. High school only comes around once a lifetime, so I'm trying to make the most of it.

I'm glad that I live in an area where I can hunt and enjoy the outdoors without having to travel more than a few miles from my house. I can't imagine not knowing about hunting or everything else you can do when you live close to the outdoors. Hunting is a great experience, and I recommend anyone that hasn't tried to do so. It's a hobby that can last you a lifetime.