Jorgenson says school is stepping into new technological realm lightly.

With the new wireless infrastructure installed in the local public schools and teachers armed with their new MacBook Pro laptops – investments made possible by last year's successful operating levy referendum – students at Crookston High School will be the next to notice a major change in the way technology is utilized in their education.

    After work done by Technology Coordinator Kevin Weber over the summer, the high school now has wireless Internet throughout the building. Teachers were given new MacBook Pros to replace their desktop computers. Soon, teachers won't be the only ones with access to the Internet during class.

    "Soon, students will be able to use their wireless devices in school," said Principal Lon Jorgenson. "We're still working out a few kinks."

    Before being given Internet privileges, students will be required to sign a contract saying that they will use the wireless Internet in good faith. This means they won't visit any social networking sites like Facebook or any other websites that are not school related.

    "The program will have keystroke memory," Jorgenson explained. In order to make sure students are staying on task in class, administration will be able to track every website a student visits.

    The high school's intentions are to provide students with easier access to the Internet to study and finish assignments, but, as Jorgenson says, "We're stepping into it lightly."