He tours northwestern Minnesota, urging young voters to exercise their right in November.

    Young adults play a vital role in shaping the future, especially through the election process. Minnesota Secretary of State Mark Ritchie stressed this importance to students, faculty and others on Monday at Prairie Hall on the University of Minnesota, Crookston campus.

    Ritchie mentioned what a great voting system Minnesota has, being number one in the country for voting turnout, but still believes there could be improvement. "Out of about 4 million, about one million of us don't vote," stated the Secretary of State. "So what's that about?"           

 His answer: barriers.

    Once young people are old enough to vote, many are students who are working and may be unprepared to vote. Ritchie noted that some young people only vote presidential years. Whatever the case may be, Ritchie wants to help young and all voters in general become more involved and informed on the role they have come election day.

    In order to get voters to recognize their importance, Ritchie believes, "We need to make sure everyone feels comfortable."

Dates, notes
    Ritchie’s communications manager, Pat Turgeon, reminds voters that Minnesota still has same-day voter registration for those who have moved or changed their address since the last time they voted.

    Also, with the rifle deer hunting season continuing for many the entire week that includes Election Day on Tuesday, Nov. 6, Turgeon reminds hunters that they’ll want to vote via absentee ballot. “If they’re going to be in their deer stands, then absentee is the best way for them to go,” she said.