Power back on in Crookston, except for those who need an electrician.

    After a wild Thursday that included a really early winter storm that closed schools and knocked out power, some normalcy was returning on Friday as some snow continued to fall but was melting as it impacted the ground.

    Otter Tail Power Company spokesperson Cris Oehler told the Times Friday morning that the electricity utility by Friday night had restored power to Crookston, except for a “few isolated customers” that require the services of an electrician.

    “Please thank your readers for their patience,” Oehler said. “A very un-seasonal storm!”

    Although several area schools were delayed by two hours Thursday morning due to the storm, Crookston schools started on time but then let out early, at noon, because of the weather but also because Highland School was without power. All after-school activities were cancelled.

    The heavy, wet snow that piled up on tree branches still home to leaves resulted in several tree limbs – some much bigger than others – snapping or splitting in two, so there’s some clean-up to be done.

    On the plus side, the moisture proved to be the perfect elixir for the widespread fire threat triggered by the drought in the region.

    If there’s any snow remaining on the ground, with highs on Sunday expected to be in the 50s, leaf-littered grass will soon be visible again.