They deny they're biased, but most would disagree.

Predictably ignored by both regional and national news media a new, scientific Gallup poll recently gauged the level of trust that Americans have for print and broadcast news sources.
    The result; Distrust in the news media has reached a new high, with 60 percent saying they have "little or no trust in the news media to report the news fully, accurately and fairly." By not reporting this relevant story, the distrusted news sources substantiate the validity of the poll's results.
    Gallup's findings expose what Americans have know or are coming to know; a majority of "main-stream" news media, driven by political ideology, are pro-active in framing issues, defining political candidates and in highlighting the political-social agendas of those who reflect their bias.
    Many journalists deny such partisanship.
    Many Americans would strongly disagree.